The Drudgeon reviews The Transient

The Transient 25 min., 2008
Written by Chris Lukeman
Directed by Chris Lukeman
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

I would completely vote for Vampire Lincoln!

* * *

We begin with two gang members about to attack a couple walking down the street.  After that we meet the Transient (Dave Ruthenberg), well that’s not actually his name because you never get to know his name, but during a conversation with Steve (Blake Stubbs) and Steve trying to come up with a great name for him, that is one of the name that come up.  You see the Transient is a bum that just happens to sell watches and fights evil, especially evil of the supernatural kind.  This time around it just happens to Abraham Lincoln.  Okay you have to understand that Lincoln is now, actually he always has been, a vampire.  So he is Vampire Abraham Lincoln (Michael Krebs).  When Lincoln and the Transient face off who will win?

This movie is just a lot of fun.  You have the three main characters that the actors really seem to enjoy playing, especially Michael Krebs.  He really takes control of Lincoln and gives it his all.  Every time he gives a “speech” you really want to believe exactly what he is saying and as I said in my tag I would vote for him.

Considering that the movie was made on such a low budget the effects are actually pretty well done.  They work well within the film and don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Now my only real complaint comes with the sound.  There are times where it’s just too low and after I turn up the sound it jumps back to “normal” volume and I have to quickly turn it back down.  It’s not extremely terrible, just annoying.

In the end this is just a fun movie that isn’t longer than it needs to be, I just really hope the sequel actually happens.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    Did you notice they gave Abraham Lincoln a co-writer credit? The things that Vampire Lincoln says are all either direct quotes or slight perversions of quotes from the real Lincoln. (Not to mention the fact that whenever WGN News needs a guy to play Lincoln, they always go to Krebs.)

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