The Drudgeon reviews Mulva – Zombie Ass Kicker!

Mulva - Zombie Ass Kicker! 59 min., 2001
Written by Chris Seaver
Directed by Chris Seaver
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

Do I love it or hate it?

* * *

So the story of this movie is about Mulva (Missy Donatuti), who is a horror fan and addicted to chocolate (mainly by drinking Heries chocolate syrup from the bottle), and today is Halloween.  This is going to be Mulva’s day and no one is going to stop her.  The only problem is that a few Halloweens ago two guys show up at her door and ruin it for her.  With the help of Mulva’s best friend, Cassie (Calley Thidemann), they are going to have a good Halloween.  Problems start to hit Mulva from everywhere because the two guys, McLargehuge (Mike Nicolai) and Takateru (Joe Anime), are back and trying to start more shit and on top of that there are now zombies roaming around.  Mulva now needs to step up and kick some zombie ass!

This is a really hard movie to really review and rate.  You see this is an extremely low budget film and the makers don’t try to go beyond what they are capable of.  I think that this movie is really great, as long as you take it from the right angle.  The story is fun and Missy Donatuti does a really good job playing the geeky and loser girl, and having her with the chocolate around her mouth is just hilarious.  On the acting front there is no one better than Trent Haaga.  Everything I see him in he always gives it his all and this is no different.  He really seems to love to act and takes every role and just has fun with it.

Again I really don’t know if I love this movie or if I really hate it.  Everything just yells that this is terrible but at the same time I just couldn’t help but smile and enjoy the craziness that was going on.  You know what, just watch this movie and see how much can actually be done on pretty much no budget.  Fun is what this movie is, pure and simple.

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