Blick Tolkien reviews Curse Of Chucky

Curse Of Chuckyaka Child’s Play 6
97 min., 2013
Written by Don Mancini
Directed by Don Mancini
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

Guys and dolls.

* * *

I was ready to cue the obligatory eye roll at the announcement of another Child’s Play film after Seed of Chucky, but I knew I was gonna watch it anyway no matter how bad. To our surprise, I’m glad to report it was pretty damn good after all. Good enough that I think it should have gotten a theater release. There were a few issues over all but minor in comparison to its praise worth moments.

They went back to the basics and I do have to think it was partly due to some kick ass cinematography coupled with deft writing and stellar direction from Don Mancini. To his credit, he wrote the original Child’s Play (and to his shame Bride and Seed of Chucky) before this. This film gets back to the original thought and recaptures that sense of tension and impending doom the original film did so well. This film is in no way campy and even though Chucky speaks his dialogue is waaaaay scaled down. There is no mid film taunting or quips and one liners tossed around every few minutes. Another plus is the return of Brad Dourif as both Chucky’s voice as well as reprising his role as the Lake Side Strangler himself Charles Lee Ray.

The performances vary in the film but most of them are played straight with very little overacting or bad acting in my eyes. The child actress and main focus of Chucky’s attention does an excellent job as well as a break out performance from Brad’s daughter Fiona Dourif who plays Nica. The job she does is more than note worthy as she is sort of the main character even though the doll’s focus is on the little girl as a target. The doll is shiny and new which begs the question is this movie a reboot or is he in another body? Well to answer both questions in a word, no. This story factors in all other films that came before it and still gets some good suspense but not too many flat out scares.

My only complaints are as follows. There is an unnecessary use of CGI in places. Like CGI rain out the window for one scene as well as a point when Chucky walks down the stairs. There are like 4 points where you think it’s ended but it hasn’t and even an after credits scene. They are worth seeing and some familiar faces do show up in this flick but over all it’s a good ride that puts you back in the head space you were in when you were a child if you’re an 80’s kid like me. I was torn between giving it a weak 4 and a super strong 3 so keep that in mind and you can watch it through an online service for a small fee or wait to own it and add it to your collection on the 8th of October. Until next time folks, may all your films bring you fright.

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