The Drudgeon reviews Bat $#*! Crazy

Bat $#*! Crazy 84 min., 2011
Written by Ari Kirschenbaum/Marquette Williams
Directed by Ari Kirschenbaum/Marquette Williams
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

An interesting descent into madness, or is it?

* * *

So the story following a man by the name of Joe (Desmond Askew) and his life that isn’t really going the way he wants it to.  He is talking to his friend Alex (J. Richey Nash) about his missing dog (been missing for a week) and his girlfriend (possibly ex, but there was no official break up said) who is now sleeping with his psychiatrist, Dr. Frumkes (Michael Panes).  Alex tries to help out but Joe isn’t really paying attention.  Later that night while stumbling to his car, Joe starts to hear strange sounds and starts to “see” things.  The only problem is that he really can’t say what they are because they are never clear to him.  As time moves along Joe starts to realize that people are talking about him, a memo at work is going around about him, people keep staring at him and that some strange homeless man is following him.  Wanting to put the pieces together Joe decides to confront those that are “responsible”.  Is there actually a conspiracy going on or is Joe just going mad?

The spot where this movie really shines and flops is with the acting.  Desmond Askew is really great in the movie.  He starts out a bit odd but as the movie goes along his descent into madness is done incredibly well.  You really start to believe that this guy might actually be fucking nuts.  Along with him is J. Richey Nash.  His acting is really top notch and he really has some of the best facial expressions.  On the opposite end is Michael Panes.  My main problem with him is that he seems to be all over the map during almost every scene.  Was this part of the plan to make you wonder if Joe is crazy or if there is more going on, or was it just an actor that couldn’t keep the tone going long enough?  I’m really not sure, but it’s really uneven and kinda gets frustrating/annoying.

The effects in the movie are actually quite minimal, but the effects that are used are pretty solid.  Good work all-around.

In the end this is actually a pretty solid film.  The acting is (for the most part) great and the story is very well crafted.  There are parts where you really do believe that he is crazy, but then it turns you around and makes you believe what Joe is going through.  Even up to the end it’s actually never quite clear what is going on, and I love when movies keep me guessing even after the credits roll.

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