The Drudgeon reviews Halloween III – Season Of The Witch

Halloween III - Season Of The Witch 98 min., 1982
Written by Tommy Lee Wallace
Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

Happy, happy Halloween!

* * *

Instead of going into the plot and actually do a full review of the movie I’m going to bitch and moan about how much people hate this movie and why I think that it’s just silly to dislike the movie.

For starters I’ll get out of the way that I think the acting is actually (overall) pretty darn solid.  Tom Atkins has always been really good in whatever he does and Halloween III is no different.  Dan O’Herlihy is actually on the same level as Tom Atkins.  He does a really great job of just being straight up bizarre.  He seems fine in the beginning and as the movie goes along he just gets crazier.  He’s great.  Stacey Nelkin is also pretty good.  The effects are also pretty good.  There are a few slip ups but nothing that really makes me what to hang myself.  Now with that out of the way, I’ll go on to the people who hate the movie.

Okay, so after Halloween and Halloween II, John Carpenter wanted to make another Halloween movie that was about something different.  If you remember, at the end of part II Michael was dead.  So we got Season Of The Witch.  So many people were mad because there was no Michael Myers and the movie was tossed into the same pile as A Nightmare On Elm Street – Part 2.  To be very honest I was in that very same group when I first saw Season Of The Witch.  I did want to see more Michael.  But after a few years I finally sat down and watched it without thinking it’s a Halloween movie and thinking of it as its own movie.  To my surprise it was actually a whole lot of fun.

So anytime that Halloween III comes up I pretty much always hear about how terrible it is.  When I ask why no one really has a solid answer.  They might say the acting or even the effects, but most often I hear about the “stupid” story and/or how it had nothing to do with the first two.  Okay the story is a bit silly (Stonehenge and killer masks…really?!), but when you break it down it actually a pretty unique story.  I have yet to see this story done before or after.  Does that make it good?  No.  But at least it wasn’t another Slasher.  I really enjoy when a movie goes for something different and I guess the most people just like seeing the same thing over and over.  If you don’t like Halloween III it’s fine.  Just don’t tell me that it’s because of one thing when actually it’s something else.  I also have a feeling that most people have never gone back and given it a second chance.

Lastly, after Halloween III we ended up going back to the Michael Myers story and what did that give us?  Part 4 and 5 were okay.  They were standard Slasher stuff.  Part 6 (origin or curse depending on what you go with) was complete garbage.  Part 7 (or H2O) pretty much ignores parts four through six.  Lastly we get Part 8 (or Resurrection), with is by far the worst of the series, we actually get Busta Rhymes yelling at Michael (and Micheal listening) and going kung fu on Michael, and people think that Halloween III is the worst of the series.  They really need a reality check.

Halloween III is a super fun movie and everyone should give it another chance.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    We’ve gone over this before, but I can’t help but reiterate. This is my favorite HALLOWEEN movie. Oddly enough, my second favorite is HALLOWEEN 2 (the Rob Zombie version). Why? Because it really doesn’t look like a HALLOWEEN movie. It’s like a HALLOWEEN movie took a bunch of acid and puked on itself. There is just something about Michael Myers, though, that turns me off. I just can’t bring myself to care about him or his exploits.

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