Blick Tolkien reviews The Walking Dead – The Oath

The Walking Dead - The Oath 7 to 11 min., 2013
Written by Greg Nicotero/Luke Passmore
Directed by Greg Nicotero
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

Swear to me!!!!

* * *

In the first episode we find the female lead from The Last Exorcism happens to be in this one. Her name however in this feature is Karina, and she is holding the corpse of a female, screaming. This woman obviously meant a lot to her, but her male companion Paul snaps her back to reality and insists they get out of there. They find an abandoned car and a map with medical stations marked off in several locations. She finds out moments later that he was cut and conveniently in need of medical attention. They travel to several med stations in need of supplies, but each one is worse than the last. On the 3rd try Karina finds a med station that’s not overrun (as Paul loses consciousness) with walkers or “DK’s” as she calls them, just to find a medical supply room and nearly get herself and Paul both devoured.

Episode 2: They are saved by a strange woman taking a zombie out. It turns out she is the last doctor here at the station. She’s been looking after patients as they come or go due to a need to honor her Hippocratic Oath. She patches up Paul as best she can. While they wait to see if he will recover from his injuries and blood loss, she tells Karina that this place was overrun by people not walkers. As Paul’s pulse fades the doctor rolls him out to spare Karina the heartache of seeing him turn, and stores his body in a room full of walkers. However, it turns out he is still alive.

In episode 3 Paul escapes the room full of zombies, but just barely. As he is trying to make his escape Karina is given the choice by the doctor to end her suffering with a simple injection. She turns out to be a Kevorkian angel of death. Moments after she accepts the offer and takes the injection he makes it to the room just in time to see the life drain from her face. The doctor tells him they both thought he was dead and how she did this poor girl a kindness, but it was in the end her choice. The doctor is not seen again, so we don’t know if he killed her or left her to her mission of mercy, but he sits by the girl’s hospital bed until she resurrects. He promised her he wouldn’t leave her, and in keeping with that promise he removes her teeth, puts her in a straitjacket, and they ride off into the sunset.

This webisode takes the theme of an oath and looks at it from several angles. The doctor’s oath to do no harm is violated, but she doesn’t see it that way since she is providing a release. Paul promises not to leave, and as soon as Karina thinks he has died failing to keep that promise, she takes her own life. But Paul keeps his word even after death to stay with her no matter what. It’s thought and discussion provoking to say the least. I enjoyed all three and I think you will as well. Since The Walking Dead has started up anew I hope all you fans are ready for me to get back to my ranting and raving, but until then, may all your films bring fright.

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