Blick Tolkien reviews The Walking Dead – Episode 046 – Claimed

The Walking Dead - Episode 046 - Claimed 45 min., 2014
Written by Nichole Beattie/Seth Hoffman
Directed by Seith Mann
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

Home invasion much?

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The following review is rated FM (Fresh Meat) for kickass walker related goodness and strong story lines featuring men with revolvers and crossbows. The views here do not reflect the thoughts of a completely sane person. They are being presented by a person that has grown up in a rather unseemly portion of town, taken recreational narcotics, and has been molested by a clown. Don’t feel compelled to read it all, hell I know I don’t. Albino, Mormon, and Republican reader discretion is advised.


Michonne reuniting with Rick and Carl makes for a hell of a trio but as always supplies need to be gathered so her and Carl go and get some bonding time in while Rick recuperates at her behest. Her and Carl bond and he finds out that she had a son once and that he and her lovers perished. He opens up about Judith’s death to her too and tells her he hopes that Judith and Andre (her son) are in a better place together. This insight and her knowing loss brings them closer but while they are out some hillbilly fuck sticks raid Rick’s new digs.

He hides under the bed until the dude laying on it passes out and is almost discovered when some beta male says he wants to sleep there instead and is choked out by the original papa bear that was sleeping in his bed. As Rick from the floor watches the light go out of this guys eyes he knows either he will become newly turned walker food or get shanked or shot by the new occupants. He sneaks from room to room metal gear solid style minus the cardboard box until he reaches a bathroom where he strangles another guy out with his own bare hands. He overhears them talking about raping the woman that must be staying there and killing the men and knows he can’t let his son return there. Lucky for him once he is outside one of the corpses inside turns and creates enough of a distraction so he and the approaching Michonne and Carl can make a break for it.

Elsewhere Glenn Wakes up to some fresh new faces after he passed out just past the prison gates having not completely recovered from the flu epidemic that almost took them all. A nerdy genius named Eugene, a soldier named Abraham Ford and a spicy little piece of Latina eye candy named Rosita are the ones who saved him and drove them off from the site. By them I mean the near sister in law of the governor who has recently become his traveling companion on his search for Maggie. They decide to take the duo on a trip to Washington because it would seem Eugene may know what caused this outbreak and be the only man who can create a cure. Glen ain’t havin it. He just wants to find his woman but Sgt. Ford isn’t going to be derailed so after a good tussle they part ways and Glen follows the tracks to terminus which seems to put him on Maggie’s trail as well as Rick and Michonne who follow the same signs promising a safe haven.

This episode was high on spills and thrills as well as tension and heart it gets a solid 4 in my mind. Not to mention the possibility of a cure entering the equation. We haven’t thought of the virus angle since the scientist blew up the C.D.C. at the end of season 1 so it’ll be good to see a little hope. For those of you that have read the comic you know what role Eugene played so keep the opinions to your selves but keep watching. Kirkman may go off the source material again and throw us a curve ball again. I hope you all liked this episode as much as I did and will join me for my review of episode 12. But until then, may all your films bring fright.

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