The Drudgeon reviews The Exorcist – Episode 002 – Chapter Two – Lupus In Fabula

The Exorcist - Episode 002 - Chapter Two - Lupus In Fabula 45 min., 2016
Written by Heather Bellson
Directed by Michael Nankin
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

It’s getting a bit to uneven, and that makes me nervous.

* * *

Who Do We Meet And Character Information Learned:
Father Tomas: Not much new info about him, but he is a fan of Father Marcus and the way he does things. He seems to like Jessica, but is afraid to let his “real” feelings out.
Father Marcus: Was “bought” by the church when he was young and say his first demon when he was 12. He felt a purpose at the point and has kept the same bible from then on. He has “defaced” the bible by writing all over it, scribbling out sections and adding his own notes.

Angela Rance: Not really a fond of admitting her mistakes. Concentrating on her job right now, more than her family.
Henry Rance: Not much more is learned about him. It’s not Alzheimer’s as I thought, but it turns out to be some sort of brain injury.

Katherine Rance: She’s very supportive of her sister, especially in the absence of their mother.
Casey Rance: Seems to know what’s going on with the possession, but at other times doesn’t. She seems to really enjoy what’s happening, but then she doesn’t. She plays lacrosse.

Jessica (Mouzam Makkar): She really has a thing for Father Tomas, to the point of traveling out to see him a the drop of a hat.

Places Of Interest:
St. Anthony’s Church: We find out that it’s in Lawndale, Chicago.

The story so far…
It seems that the church used to buy and keep boys for the soul purpose of training and preparing them to do exorcisms. One of them was Father Marcus.


After that Angela walks down stairs to get something to eat and gets “proof” that her daughters’ possessed. Father Tomas brings it to the Cardinal who says that she just needs some therapy.
It also turns out that Father Marcus has been missing ever sense Father Tomas went to see him. It turns out that he was just sight seeing around Chicago and going to help Father Tomas. Father Tomas doesn’t take kindly to how Father Marcus is doing things, like going through his belonging and asking too many personal questions.
The Pope is coming to town and Angela is in charge of the visit. Hooray, more time away from the family.
Angela gets a call from Casey, but she didn’t make it and they all get to see some CG centipedes under Casey’s phone and pillow. Oh and there was a broken leg that happened at Casey’s lacrosse game. Also at the game we see a strange man that appears to be a friend of Casey.


Angela takes some holy water from the church to see if Casey is possessed and instead of drinking all of the water in the tiny water bottle, she takes a sip and then dumps the rest on the floor of the church. No really, that’s what she does.

While helping with the food, Casey is approached by a homeless man who just wants to touch her. Actually he seems blessed to be in the demons possession and what’s to touch the demon.
Father Marcus follows the homeless man and watches him get into a truck. He goes to the tent where the man was and meets an old woman, who is also possessed. He tries to expel the demon but the woman doesn’t really seem to care about it.
Father Tomas meets with Jessica, treats her pretty poorly so she leaves.

At the dinner table, Angela puts the holy water in Casey’s drink and it doesn’t have any effect. After dinner and while cleaning up, Casey says that she’s tired and is heading to bed. Heading to her room she speeds up and vomits into her toilet. Then she pulls a realllllllly long centipede from her mouth.
Later that night Casey goes outside and talks to her friend, the old man.
At this time there are a bunch of people going around, killing and stealing organs from people. Why? Who knows.


The Three Good Things:
The Intro: I really like the intro. It’s very simple, but effective. The use of just black, white and grey is really nice. When watching the show with the lights off, the blinding white from the intro is a great contrast to how dark the movie (and I’m talking about how it’s shot, not the tone) is.
The Effects (Non CG): I’m really enjoying the use of makeup in the series so far. The makeup on The Crone (Oksana Fedunyszyn) is just great. In fact, pretty much all of the makeup used on the actors is really great. When they need to make someone really slimy and sticky, they really succeed.
Ben Daniels: I’m really enjoying his acting. He’s really great at taking whatever Father Marcus is supposed to be feeling and brings it up to a very believable level. He’s funny or serious when he needs to be and he just has that feel of someone that’s lived through more than most will ever experience. He is just really awesome in this.

The Three Okay Things:
Henry Rance: So first off I want to say that I think that Alan Ruck is a good actor and it’s not his performance that I’m saying is just okay. It’s the writing of his character. Is he doing poorly or is he doing fine. The first episode had him pretty much a shell of a human, but this episode he seem perfectly fine. It’s just very unbalanced.
Casey’s Imaginary Friend: So a man shows up to Casey’s game and then later at the end she sits outside and tells him about everything. Obviously he’s not who he seems to be and he’s leading her in a pretty bad direction, but I’m curious exactly who he is. My guess is that he’s another demon giving her guidance.
The Organ Thieves: I don’t know about this. I’m curious where it’s going but at the same time it just seems pretty silly. Almost like it’s leading to a big reveal that there’s a big satanic cult or that they are prepping for this demon to come and they are getting offerings. I’m probably wrong, but right now it just seems really silly.


The Three Terrible Things:
Angela Rance: Again, like with Alan Ruck, I think that Geena Davis is a fine actor, but her character is just so unlikable. Maybe that’s the point, but fuck she is just so self righteous. She knows better than everyone and how dare no one believe her. Even when she “knew” that it was Katherine that was possessed and when it turned out to be Casey she didn’t bat an eyelash to say that she knew. In this episode we see her complaining about how Katherine never goes out, even though she went to Casey’s game and went out with Casey and her father. She just can’t admit when she’s wrong and that is a terrible trait for a character to have.
Father Tomas: He’s really just an asshole. He treats Jessica poorly, stringing her along is just horrible to do. He goes and asks Father Marcus for help, but when Father Marcus shows up Father Tomas gets all uppity and condescending to him. He’s supposed to be “pure” and “holy”. He’s just an ass at this point.
The CG: Oh boy…The centipedes were pretty bad, but man was that leg breaking scene just terrible. It’s looks so horribly done. There really aren’t words to describe how badly it just looks.


Final Thoughts:
Unbalanced is the name of the game so far. Everything about this show is just unbalanced. Father Tomas is supposed to be understanding and great, but he seems like an ass most of the time. Angela also acts like an ass as well. Henry is sick and the shell of a person…except for when he’s not. Casey is fine with the possession, except when she’s not. Some of the effects are great and some aren’t. Some of the writing is great and other parts are horrible. They really need to flush everything out and make it pretty clear what everyone’s character is like. Don’t tell me one thing and then make them do the opposite. That’s just really annoying. The excitement of the first episode is starting to turn into worry over how everything seems to be just tossed together and nothing seems really thought out. Now I can be wrong and this can be leading up to something great, but right now I’m just annoyed.

Favorite Quote:
The Crone: “Do I look compelled?”

P.S. – Support horror in all its forms. Even if I didn’t like the movie you might want to check it out and yell at me about how wrong (or right) I am.

And for your viewing pleasure here is the trailer.
Well…when I finally get it, it will go here.

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