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Caligula1 star: A kinda porn with a kinda plot. Continue reading

Stupid Teenagers Must Die!1 star: Very amateur-looking, but very fun. Continue reading

The Stepfather1 star: Respect your elders, because remakes suck! Continue reading

ZA: Zombies Anonymous1 star: More polish would have made this movie great. Continue reading

High Tension1 star: A good throwback to the 70’s/80’s slasher movie but with a lame and lazy ending. Continue reading

Nightmare1 star: A video nasty that is a little slow at times. Continue reading

Carnival of Souls1 star: An original concept that has now become very cliché. Continue reading

Children of the Corn 21 star: A sequel that really adds nothing new to the first movie. Continue reading

Ink1 star: A beautiful dark fantasy with a hint of horror. Continue reading

Bloodlust Zombies1 star: If you can overlook the amateur look you can find a really fun movie. Continue reading

Son of Dracula1 star: Even if you leave logic at the door it’s still a bad movie. Continue reading

Dracula's Daughter1 stars: Interesting sequel but overall pretty boring. Continue reading

Plan 9 from Outer Space1 star: It’s not the worst movie ever made, but it isn’t a great movie either. Continue reading

The Passion of the Christ1 star: It’s an interesting telling of the death of Christ, but a terribly sad excuse for a movie. Continue reading

Seed of Chucky1 star: It’s got some funny, but way to much self-awareness. Continue reading

Twilight1 star: Doesn’t live up to the positive or negative hype. Continue reading

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Part II1 star: Introducing a kinder, cuddlier and more human Henry. Continue reading

Child's Play 21 star: I loved it, but there’s nothing new here. Continue reading

Ghostbusters 21 star: Lightning does only strike once. Continue reading

Troll 21 star: Some of the worst dialogue and acting I’ve ever seen! But somehow it’s still fun! Continue reading