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86 min., 1974 Directed by Bob Hollowich Language: English My rating: ★ Oh dear God. There is an ape rape scene.

(★★★★) Do not meddle in the affairs of warlocks, for they are tricksy and quick to set you on fire. Continue reading

Faces of Death★ A movie that was banned is now more a PSA than anything else. Continue reading

Tourist Trap★★★: Mix a bit Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Carrie and weird mannequins and you have Tourist Trap. Continue reading

Zoltan, Hound Of Dracula2 stars: Zoltan is one hell of a dog! Continue reading

Beyond The Door2 stars: A surprisingly forgotten exorcism film. Continue reading

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre4 stars: The best! Continue reading

Let's Scare Jessica To Death1 star: Too uneven to be a classic. Continue reading

SS Hell CampZero stars: “The Lord won’t betray you. He’s the best.” Continue reading

Nazi Love Camp 272 stars: There’s not much love in this love camp. Continue reading

SS Camp: Women's Hell1 star: More of the same, plus a little more. Continue reading

Private House Of The SS1 star: All hail the Nazi Pope! Continue reading

SS Experiment Love CampZero stars: Hairy armpits ahoy! Continue reading

Caligula1 star: A kinda porn with a kinda plot. Continue reading

The Dunwich HorrorZero stars: Age has not been very kind to this movie. Continue reading

Last Orgy of the Third Reich2 stars: Nazisploitation at its best (or worst)! Continue reading

Food of the Gods2 stars: A surprisingly good movie that (mostly) is still effective. Continue reading

When a Stranger Calls2 stars: One of the best first 20 minutes of a movie. Continue reading

The Sinful Dwarf1 star: A dwarf, armpit hair and some really strange children’s play toys. Continue reading

The Gore Gore Girls2 stars: This is why Herschell Gordon Lewis is the Godfather of Gore!!! Continue reading