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Caligula4 stars: Only Penthouse could have made this movie. Continue reading

Terror of Mechagodzilla2 stars: Mechagodzilla is back and he has some help. Continue reading

Halloween4 stars: Do a few extra scenes really make this movie better? Continue reading

Thriller: A Cruel Picture3 stars: Extreme slow motion with Christina Lindberg, need I say more. Continue reading

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla2 stars: NEW MONSTER ALERT!!!! King Caesar has entered the building! Continue reading

Godzilla vs. Megalon1 star: Monsters, giant robots and undersea people! Awesome! Except for the people. Continue reading

Godzilla vs. Gigan1 star: A monster with a giant saw in its chest, completely cool! Continue reading

Godzilla vs. Hedorah2 stars: Can Godzilla kick the ass of even pollution? Hell yeah! Continue reading

Eraserhead[3 stars] I don’t know if it’s horror, but it’s really a mind fuck! Continue reading

A Dog Called...Vengeance[Zero stars] It’s a prison break movie and not a horror movie. Continue reading

The Amityville Horror[Zero stars] It’s a classic…well no, not really Continue reading

Beware! The Blob[Zero stars] Beware! This movie! Continue reading

Mad Dog Killer[Zero stars] Okay movie, but not a horror movie. Continue reading

Exorcist II: Heretic[Zero stars but four stars for the boobs!] A great pair of boobs can’t carry an entire movie. Continue reading

The Exorcist[3 stars] It’s the little movie that could Continue reading

The Grapes of Death[Zero stars] Huh, what, I’m awake! Is something going on? Continue reading

Jaws 2[1 stars] It’s just okay Continue reading

Jaws[3 stars] Stands the test of time very well Continue reading

Within the Woods[1 star] Only for the truly hardcore fan Continue reading

Stanley[1 star] Lovers of snakes, stay as far away as possible. Continue reading