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131 min., 1988 Written by Jeb Stuart/Steven E. De Souza Directed by John McTiernan Language: English My rating: ★★★★★ Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Of course. But it’s also a horror movie. [steps back and waits for the arguments to … Continue reading

aka The Presence 92 min., 1989 Written by Kevin S. Tenney Directed by Kevin S. Tenney Language: English My rating: ★★★ “God, this has been a lousy day!”

145 min., 1989 Written by James Cameron Directed by James Cameron Language: English My rating: ★★★★★ This is the most terrifying movie ever made.

113 min., 1981 Written by Tom Salina Directed by Joe D’Amato Language: Italian My rating: ★★ Wanna watch some really badly choreographed porn? (Hint: no, you don’t.)

aka Cry Blue Sky 90 min., 1983 Written by Avery Crounse Directed by Avery Crounse Language: English My rating: ★★★★ It’s How the West Was Won . . . from Hell.

As long as you are a guest in my house, you’ll play my games. (★★) Continue reading

The Evil Dead of HP Lovecraft. (★★★) Continue reading

You felt him in you, though? (★★★) Continue reading

(★★) Seriously, what the fuck is this?! Continue reading

(★★★) A vicious old bugger! Continue reading

(★★★★) “I sentence you to be exposed before your peers.” Continue reading

(★★★★) But you didn’t have time to enjoy it… or did you? Continue reading

(★★★★) “I know you are, but what am I?” Continue reading

Halloween III: Season of the Witch★★★ Happy, happy Halloween! Continue reading

Unmasked Part 25★★★ “It’s a hell of a life being a killer.” Continue reading

Maniac Cop★★★ Badges?! We don’t need no stinking badges! Continue reading

Blood Hook★★ “Nice pole! I like it!” Continue reading

Don't Go in the Woods★★ It’s fun because it’s terrible. Continue reading

Basket Case2 stars: Conjoined brotherly love. Continue reading