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120 min., 1993 Written by W.D. Richter Directed by Fraser C. Heston Language: English My rating: ★★★ “EVERYONE is crazy EVERYWHERE!”

aka Pet Sematary II 100 min., 1992 Written by Richard Outten Directed by Mary Lambert Language: English My rating: ★★★★ “No brain, no pain. Think about it.”

Let’s be honest.  The real twist in The 6th Sense is that M Night Shyamalan actually made a decent movie. (★★★★) Continue reading

Some movies are born bad. (★) Continue reading

(★★★★) So you want to fuck the homecoming queen. Continue reading

(★★★★) “Take your shirt off, and I’ll tell you all about it.” Continue reading

(★★★) Welcome to Mima’s Room! Continue reading

Batman Returns★★★★ Christmas and Burton and Keaton with wings…These are a few of my favorite things… Continue reading

GHOST★★★★ I ain’t afraid of no GhostContinue reading

Basket Case 2(★★★) Basket case… I see what you did there. Continue reading

Vampire StranglerSkull: NOOOOO!!!!!!!! Misty Mundae is cheating on me! Continue reading

Duck! The Carbine High Massacre4 stars: It’s so terrible it’s great! Continue reading

Real Killers3 stars: NATURAL BORN KILLERS by way of THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS . . . . Continue reading

Cemetery Man3 stars: “We are born to die.” Continue reading

Beloved1 star: I thought all ghosts were white?! Continue reading

Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker2 stars: A big surprise and we’re back to a Christmas story. Continue reading

Initiation: Silent Night, Deadly Night 4Zero stars: This was done better in Rosemary’s Baby. Continue reading

The LangoliersZero stars: Don’t be ri-dik-cu-looss… Continue reading

Stepfather 31 stars: LOST… without Terry O’Quinn. Continue reading

Castle FreakThree stars: Free castle on a hill…seems legit. Continue reading