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Friday The 13th, Part VII: The New Blood2 stars: Jason takes on someone with telekinesis. I don’t know about this. Continue reading

Friday the 13th Part III2 stars: Another good one, but it’s starting to show some wear. Continue reading

Last Orgy of the Third Reich2 stars: Nazisploitation at its best (or worst)! Continue reading

Attack of the Octopus People2 stars: A loving tribute to the drive-in movies of the 50s. Continue reading

The Suckling2 stars: What happens when the fetus survives the abortion? Continue reading

Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies2 stars: A fun movie where the title explains everything. Continue reading

Terror in the Tropics2 stars: There’s a fine line between parody and homage. Continue reading

Hard Rock Zombies2 stars: Mutant Midget Nazi Zombies! Need I say more? Continue reading

Nazis at the Center of the Earth2 stars: The Asylum actually makes a fun movie! The world must be ending. Continue reading

Food of the Gods2 stars: A surprisingly good movie that (mostly) is still effective. Continue reading

Shocker2 stars: A surprise or two and Mitch Pileggi. Continue reading

When a Stranger Calls2 stars: One of the best first 20 minutes of a movie. Continue reading

From Hell2 stars: All pretty and no real substance. Continue reading

Un Chien Andalou2 stars: A very bizarre look at early horror cinema. Continue reading

Hellboy2 stars: Someday he’ll be a real hellboy. Continue reading

Zombie Bloodbath 22 stars: A little more polish and more gore makes for some fun times. Continue reading

Home Movie2 stars: It could have been so good. Continue reading

Necessary Evil2 stars: A great movie, except for the protagonists. Continue reading

Godzilla vs. Megaguirus2 stars: A great new monster! Continue reading

2 stars: Godzilla’s back! This time with no wires, but the effects are actually worse! Continue reading