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aka Into Thy Hands 97 min., 2004 Written by Directed by Bill Zebub Language: English My rating: ★★ There is no blasphemy, but there is boredom.

100 min., 2001 Written by Brent Hanley Directed by Bill Paxton Language: English My rating: ★★★★★ “Sometimes truth defies reason.”

It has often been said that there are more people alive than have ever been dead. But that’s not true, and that means there have been are a lot of dead people. Where’d they all go? Maybe they’re still hanging around. And maybe there’s no more room for them. (★★★★) Continue reading

More like Ring Around the No-sie…bad pun, worse movie. (Skull) Continue reading

(★★★) What is your function in life? Continue reading

(★★★★) DC Mini, bringing your nightmares to life. Continue reading

Cockhammer★★★★ What if Jay and Silent Bob lived in Tromaville? Continue reading

Versus★★★ Not your average zombies… Continue reading

The Shock Labyrinth(Zero stars) The movie that just keeps on repeating, and repeating, and repeating… Continue reading

Dracula 2000★★ All I wanna do is suck. Continue reading

The Last Lovecraft★★★★ A super fun movie about Cthulhu and you don’t need to know anything to still enjoy it. Continue reading

The Host★★★ The Host (the 2006 Korean film, not the more recent American production of the same name) combines classic Japanese monster movie tropes with a healthy dose of comedy, anti-government attitude, and surprisingly well-done visual effects. Continue reading

The Machinist★★★ I just want to sleep… Continue reading

Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker!★★★★ Do I love it or hate it? Continue reading

Terror from Beyond the Earth★★★ A really great reason to never go into caves. Continue reading

The Monster of Phantom Lake★★★★ A great flashback to the drive-in classics. Continue reading

Manniac(Zero stars) Take the worst parts from a horror movie and the worst parts from a porn and you have The Manniac. Continue reading

28 Days Later...★★★ It gets better every time I watch it. Continue reading

Shadow: Dead Riot4 stars: A bad zombie film, a bad voodoo film a women in prison film and a bad kung fu film all rolled into one. Continue reading

Dying God4 stars: A movie where Troma could just make it better. Continue reading