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The Transient★★★ I would completely vote for Vampire Lincoln! Continue reading

Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan★★★ Do not mess with Paul Bunyan or his blue ox! Continue reading

Klown Kamp Massacre★★★ I never thought that clowns could be so much fun. Continue reading

Flying Monkeys★ Forget the flying monkeys, Skippy is the only reason to watch the movie at all. Continue reading

Birdemic: Shock and Terror(Zero stars) Not even the bird flu was this bad… Continue reading

This Is the End★★★★ A star-studded look at the end of the world from the guys who brought you SUPERBAD. Wait, really? That can’t be right. Continue reading

The Deadliest Gender(Skull) I just can’t do this. Continue reading

The Cabin in the Woods★★ A fun movie that is a little too clever for its own good. Continue reading

Evil DeadOne star: As a reboot or sequel it just doesn’t work for me. Continue reading

Bright Falls3 stars: A bright start to a mediocre game. Continue reading

Chronicle3 stars: How far would you go? Continue reading

Total RetributionZero stars: WHY!!!!!!!!! No no no no no no no no no no!!!! Continue reading

The ABCs Of Death1 stars: A real hit and miss collection of death. Continue reading

Monster Brawl3 stars: What happens when you get some of the greatest monsters to wrestle? This happens. Continue reading

HowlingZero stars: This is a great movie. I only give this movie a low rating because it’s not horror. Continue reading

Take Shelter3 stars: He’s scared of it being wet…go figure. Continue reading

Stake Land4 stars: Great from beginning to end! Continue reading

If a Tree FallsZero stars: How to make a “grindhouse” movie by only watching Planet Terror, Death Proof and a Rob Zombie movie and no actual grindhouse movies. Continue reading

Time's Up, Eve4 stars: This movie nails everything! Continue reading

The Zombie Factor4 stars: A great stab at reality TV. Continue reading