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Unmasked Part 25★★★ “It’s a hell of a life being a killer.” Continue reading

Klown Kamp Massacre★★★ I never thought that clowns could be so much fun. Continue reading

Maniac Cop★★★ Badges?! We don’t need no stinking badges! Continue reading

Basket Case 2(★★★) Basket case… I see what you did there. Continue reading

28 Days Later...★★★ It gets better every time I watch it. Continue reading

Tourist Trap★★★: Mix a bit Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Carrie and weird mannequins and you have Tourist Trap. Continue reading

Real Killers3 stars: NATURAL BORN KILLERS by way of THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS . . . . Continue reading

Cemetery Man3 stars: “We are born to die.” Continue reading

Bright Falls3 stars: A bright start to a mediocre game. Continue reading

3 Films Bt Georges MélièsGoing back to the very beginning. Continue reading

Chronicle3 stars: How far would you go? Continue reading

Critters3 stars: Tribbles but way more badass. Continue reading

Cujo3 stars: When a St. Bernard attacks! Continue reading

Night Of The Demons3 stars: How does one eat a bowl of fuck? Continue reading

awakening-of-the-beast3 stars: REEFER MADNESS by way of Coffin Joe? Continue reading

Monster Brawl3 stars: What happens when you get some of the greatest monsters to wrestle? This happens. Continue reading

Best Of Tromadance Film Festival Vol. 53 stars: In the fifth installment of Troma’s THE BEST OF TROMADANCE series, we get another heaping helping of short independent films, some good, some bad, and some mediocre. Continue reading

Take Shelter3 stars: He’s scared of it being wet…go figure. Continue reading

This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse3 stars: “Not sadism, my dear. Science!” Continue reading

Best Of Tromadance Film Festival Vol. 23 stars overall: This time, the collection is considerably shorter, but there is a fine selection with very few stinkers. Continue reading