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It has often been said that there are more people alive than have ever been dead. But that’s not true, and that means there have been are a lot of dead people. Where’d they all go? Maybe they’re still hanging around. And maybe there’s no more room for them. (★★★★) Continue reading

Let’s be honest.  The real twist in The 6th Sense is that M Night Shyamalan actually made a decent movie. (★★★★) Continue reading

A classic, evil old house movie – the kind some people call haunted – is like an undiscovered country waiting to be explored. (★★★★) Continue reading

(★★★★) So you want to fuck the homecoming queen. Continue reading

(★★★★) “Take your shirt off, and I’ll tell you all about it.” Continue reading

(★★★★) “I sentence you to be exposed before your peers.” Continue reading

(★★★★) DC Mini, bringing your nightmares to life. Continue reading

(★★★★) What’s better than Boris Karloff? TWO BORIS KARLOFFS. Continue reading

(★★★★) But you didn’t have time to enjoy it… or did you? Continue reading

(★★★★) “I know you are, but what am I?” Continue reading

(★★★★) Do not meddle in the affairs of warlocks, for they are tricksy and quick to set you on fire. Continue reading

Cockhammer★★★★ What if Jay and Silent Bob lived in Tromaville? Continue reading

The Last Lovecraft★★★★ A super fun movie about Cthulhu and you don’t need to know anything to still enjoy it. Continue reading

The Night of the Hunter★★★★ Wanna hear the story of L.O.V.E. and H.A.T.E.? Continue reading

Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker!★★★★ Do I love it or hate it? Continue reading

Batman Returns★★★★ Christmas and Burton and Keaton with wings…These are a few of my favorite things… Continue reading

The Monster of Phantom Lake★★★★ A great flashback to the drive-in classics. Continue reading

GHOST★★★★ I ain’t afraid of no GhostContinue reading

This Is the End★★★★ A star-studded look at the end of the world from the guys who brought you SUPERBAD. Wait, really? That can’t be right. Continue reading

Shadow: Dead Riot4 stars: A bad zombie film, a bad voodoo film a women in prison film and a bad kung fu film all rolled into one. Continue reading