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Bat $#*! Crazy★★★ An interesting descent into madness, or is it? Continue reading

Monster Brawl3 stars: What happens when you get some of the greatest monsters to wrestle? This happens. Continue reading

If a Tree FallsZero stars: How to make a “grindhouse” movie by only watching Planet Terror, Death Proof and a Rob Zombie movie and no actual grindhouse movies. Continue reading

Children of the Corn: RevelationZero stars: Yep there’s one that I forgot! Continue reading

The Pit3 stars: It’s a terrible movie with some really awesome spots. Continue reading

Hobo with a Shotgun4 stars: A great gorefest with a great plot! A true oddity! Continue reading

Population/436[2 stars] A movie that isn’t really good, but isn’t really bad…it’s just. Continue reading

Videodrome[3 stars] Techno-horror at its (almost) finest. Continue reading

Five Girls[2 stars] A bland movie with a few surprises. Continue reading

My Bloody Valentine[3 stars] No not the lame band, something that’s actually fun to watch. Continue reading

Bitten[2 stars] Take equal parts fun and crap, and you get Bitten. Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Me[3 stars] Happy, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, and to you! Continue reading