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Vampire StranglerSkull: NOOOOO!!!!!!!! Misty Mundae is cheating on me! Continue reading

Shadow: Dead Riot4 stars: A bad zombie film, a bad voodoo film a women in prison film and a bad kung fu film all rolled into one. Continue reading

Dying God4 stars: A movie where Troma could just make it better. Continue reading

Duck! The Carbine High Massacre4 stars: It’s so terrible it’s great! Continue reading

Lust For Dracula4 stars: A very interesting and thought provoking take on the Dracula story. Continue reading

Gruesome4 stars: Great “short” with a great soundtrack. Continue reading

Skin Crawl4 stars: Misty Mundae! Continue reading

Voodoun Blues4 stars: Misty Mundae surprises me yet again. Continue reading

Sinful4 stars: A well done little movie and it has Misty Mundae! Continue reading

Shock-O-Rama4 stars: An anthology that has a little bit of everything for everyone. Continue reading

Masters of Horror: Sick Girl4 stars: Remember that one movie where Angela Bettis played a lonely, awkward, eccentric bisexual? Yeah, it’s like that. Continue reading

Splatter Beach4 stars: The campiness of this movie is a complete win, and you also get Erin Brown!!! Continue reading

Bite Me!4 stars: Misty Mundae!!!!! Four stars!!!! Continue reading

The Rage[3 stars] Terrible! But in the best way possible. Continue reading