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Dying God4 stars: A movie where Troma could just make it better. Continue reading

3 Films Bt Georges MélièsGoing back to the very beginning. Continue reading

Resonnances3 stars: A big surprise and a whole lot of fun. Continue reading

High Tension1 star: A good throwback to the 70’s/80’s slasher movie but with a lame and lazy ending. Continue reading

Un Chien Andalou2 stars: A very bizarre look at early horror cinema. Continue reading

The Grapes of Death[Zero stars] Huh, what, I’m awake! Is something going on? Continue reading

Them (Ils)[3 stars] The tension is great! But almost too long. Continue reading

Martyrs[1 star] Interesting, Interesting, What The Fuck! Suzuki?, Boring!! Continue reading