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Firstly, you must understand. The celebrity is a wild and elusive creature. I had to approach Mr. Combs several times over the 3-day convention for this interview. Each time as I drew close, he scented the air, turned his head left to right quickly and then scampered off into the darker recesses of the convention. The final day, however, I seem to have won him over by approaching in a submissive pose eyes downcast and palms up awaiting his permission to approach the booth. It was well worth the wait. Continue reading

Castle FreakThree stars: Free castle on a hill…seems legit. Continue reading

The Pit and the PendulumZero stars: With a cast a good as this, how did it fail so much? Continue reading

FearDotCom[Zero stars] How a really bad rip-off is truly made! Continue reading

The Frighteners[3 stars] A movie more about effects than substance. Continue reading