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JunkZero stars: Fails on both the action and horror levels. Continue reading

SS Hell CampZero stars: “The Lord won’t betray you. He’s the best.” Continue reading

SS Experiment Love CampZero stars: Hairy armpits ahoy! Continue reading

Jason Goes To Hell: The Final FridayZero stars: What did they just try and do! Continue reading

Day Of The DeadZero stars: Should be Day Of The Really Bad Zombie Movie! Continue reading

If a Tree FallsZero stars: How to make a “grindhouse” movie by only watching Planet Terror, Death Proof and a Rob Zombie movie and no actual grindhouse movies. Continue reading

Friday the 13th: A New BeginningZero stars: Okay. Continue reading

The ChillingZero stars: Terrible and extremely cheap looking. Continue reading

The Dunwich HorrorZero stars: Age has not been very kind to this movie. Continue reading

Welcome to Spring BreakZero stars: Standard slasher material that leaves you yawning. Continue reading

Hostel: Part IIIZero stars: A torture movie should never look this clean. Continue reading

Mustang Sally's Horror HouseZero stars: Why do I keep watching these terrible movies? Continue reading

Children of the Corn: RevelationZero stars: Yep there’s one that I forgot! Continue reading

Children of the Corn: GenesisZero stars: Enough already! Continue reading

Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's ReturnZero stars: He Who Walks Behind The Rows is now officially dead. Continue reading

Children of the Corn V: Field of TerrorZero stars: More like Fields Of Stupid. Continue reading

Children of the Corn: The GatheringZero stars: The series had to go to the shitter at some point. Continue reading

Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night CleaverZero stars: They tried too hard to focus on everyone but the Gingerdead Man. Continue reading

BaneZero stars: Wow! What a piece of shit! Continue reading

2-Headed Shark AttackZero stars: Did The Asylum finally release a good movie? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue reading